The Phillips Watershed Recovery Initiative is a Kwiakah First Nation led information campaign to find public support for the protection of Phillips Arm.

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MacLean's Magazine published an interesting (and equally shocking) article in its latest issue. The article is titled: Welcome to British Columbia, where you ‘pay to play’ (the online version can be found here: ).

The article states that the BC Liberal Party raised 32.5 million dollars since Christie Clark and her BC Liberal Party won the last BC election. We also learn that donors from out of province or even foreign countries have given large sums to the BC Liberals.

Also, a reader of the article is being informed that the BC Liberals have introduced a real-time disclosure process for donations. Donations are being posted on the BC Liberal Party website within 10 days of receipt. 

The members of the administration of Kwiakah First Nation were curious to find out if any entity that is party to the current problems in Phillips Arm is an active donor of the BC Liberal Party. For this purpose staff of the band's administration checked the real-time disclosure website online at .

Here is one interesting search result - the exact donation amounts and times by Western Forest Products Inc. to the BC Liberal Party for the year 2016:

Western Forest Products Inc.          800.00                   1/31/2016

Western Forest Products Inc.       5,000.00                   4/15/2016

Western Forest Products Inc.       5,000.00                   8/23/2016

Western Forest Products Inc.     10,000.00                 10/31/2016

For the record, Kwiakah First Nation is not in the habit of giving donations to political parties . What purpose could a donation to a political party serve?

.......yes, why would any company give thousands of dollars  to the BC Liberal Party?

What could be the reason?????????








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