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Welcome to the “Phillips Watershed Recovery Initiative” blog. This blog has been installed to act as a link between the website for our initiative ( and the corresponding social media accounts for the movement. This is the place where we will post in-depth information on the issues that have a deep impact on the environmental welfare of the Phillips River watershed. For example, readers will find posts here that will explain Kwiakah First Nation’s strategy to protect Phillips Arm against the industrial exploitation. Also, we will show how the small First Nation has tried to negotiate compromises with licensees like Western Forest Products Inc. or the BC Liberal government under Premier Christie Clark – all to no avail up to this point. This will also be the place where copies of important documents will be posted.

The Phillips Watershed Recovery Initiative is not a movement to make unjustified accusations – on the contrary, it provides a forum where information is posted to help the interested reader to build their own opinion. Of course, we are hoping that the facts will speak for themselves and the efforts by Kwiakah First Nation will find widespread support from the general public.
This is just the beginning and we want to use the time until the provincial elections in BC this May wisely. The public needs to know what is going on and we want to make sure that this will happen in a professional manner.

Please stay tuned and come back often……….

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